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Do Foreign Trade, Register For A Free B2B Have The Effect You

A lot of people ask, do foreign trade, register for a free B2B effect you?

From my understanding of electronic commerce I know that there are many free B2B website, I come from a lot of orders free of B2B ah; a free b2b we can have hundreds of peer companies, I still have an effect, and why? Is have the skills to do?

First, the principle of giving priority to an earlier search, you can use the keyword search, no matter domestic or abroad to do, you put your products to yahoo, google, Baidu and other search engines to search, there are many b2b out it is registered in accordance with the order. For example: You are the production of steel, is Baidu, enter: rail manufacturers, there will be many, came in the home can choose to register.

Second, you set the right keywords? Your customers with a product search, you're set to b, there is more to do what? Others simply can not find you!

Third, most b2b are buyers see your contact information, to send you private messages, sent a few days, weeks, or even months, you did not see, talk about what effect? ​​Many free b2b are the default does not open e-mail or inquiry notice, you open yet? If you open the notification, upon receipt of inquiry can see, respond promptly than n days after the inquiry found that there are right !

Fourth, registered a lot, the result is simply put a product, no payment, no container capacity, there is no packaging, not even the product parameters, such publicity what effect it? Understand that not every customer is very , even if such products do not necessarily proficient!

Fifth, there are a lot of people have not paid attention to the topic, is the registered name of the problem, many websites launched to register the domain name for the two stations stations, and these domain names to be searched, it is often the key to set up than you words more easily search engines that you use a company name, people will search your name more or more products found it?

Sixth, registered on the matter, found the time or want to manage user names, passwords can not find it, the search engines to crawl keyword activity depends on the time, you have so many peers, and you can not get updated every n years , the search engine will throw you in the back!

Seventh, you sign up for a few? Registered a dozen dozen no patience, do you think would it do?

In fact, whether registered free of B2B and registration is not free, persistence and hard work are the most important.

So do foreign trade need to pay attention perseverance, attention to perseverance, not who can do a good job! Are on their own time and study to explore out and find their own way.

Last modified: 2013-06-15 09:17:30
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